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    In recent years, the illegal cooking oil and swill-cooked dirty oil have been reported from newspapers and TVs and become a national hot issue. To collect and dispose the food waste becomes a highlighted problem that matters with food safety and human health conditions in China. During the last five years, China National Development and Reform Commission have launched 5 batches of pilot-city projects for food waste treatment all over China, which includes the 1st batch of 33 cities , the 2nd 16 cities, the 3rd 17 cities, the 4th 17 cities, and the 5th 17 cities in a row.
    Food waste contains high concentration of organic matter, therefore, anaerobic technology and biogas utilization have become the main stream of treatment process. Environtec have cooperated with many design and engineering firms and also investment firms who are leading the trend.
    Below are parts of the reference projects:
    · Beijing Dongcun municiple waste treatment plant
    · Foshan Nanhai District food waste recycling and treatment project
    · Shenzhen Longgang food waste project
    · Ningbo food waste treatment Plant relocating Project
    · Nanning food waste treatment project
    · Datong food waste treatment project
    · Guiyang food waste treatment project
    · World Expo Qingdao sludge and food waste treatment demonstration project
    · Ningxia Yinchuan waste treatment project
    · Weifang food waste treatment project
    · Chongqin Jiangjin District food waste project
    · Shijiangzhuang food waste treatment project
    · Taicang food waste resource utilization and harmless treatment project
    · Kunshan food waste resource utilization and harmless treatment project
    · Dezhou food waste resource utilization and harmless treatment project
    · Cixi food waste project
    · Suqian food waste project
    · Beijing Fengtai District living garbage recycling economy zone waste food treatment plant
    · Xinjiang Kelamayi food waste treatment project
    · Taizhou food waste (included illegal cooking oil)treatment BOT project
    · Xuzhou food waste treatment project

    In the waste food industry, Environtec actively cooperate with the industrys leading environmental engineering companies and investment companies.Such as Beijing Dongcun municiple waste treatment plant, Environtec provide double membrane gas holderd、Biological desulfurization etc. A series of biogas processes and core equipment.

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