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    Biogas plays an important role in the area of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) industry. For example, it is written in the China Twelfth Five Year Plan \\\\\\\'to encourage waste anaerobic, waste incineration with power and heat co-generation, landfill gas power generation, food waste recycling and energy utilization \\\\\\\'. In our perspective, MSW plants are always \\\\\\\'Gold Mine\\\\\\\' for biogas production. The leachate anaerobic gas, thehomogenize tank gas, pond gas, and also landfill gas, are widely existing in many landfill plants and waste incineration plants with a normal portion of 40% -65% methane. Some dry fermentation technology has been put into use aimed for more biogas production. Biogas to be upgraded to CHP quality and become Green Gas is becoming a new trend. Environtec extensive participation in municipal waste disposal projects.Below are parts of the reference projects in China and Southeast Asia Region: · Guangda International Laiwu/peixian/pingdu/tengzhou/lingbi leachate project · Shanghai Jiangqiao waste incineration project · Shanghai Songjiang waste incineration project · Shanghai Fengxian leachate treatment project · Shanghai Chongming solid waste reset integrated utilization center leachate treatment project · Shanghai Jinshan waste incineration project · Xinjiang Dapu landfill plant · Beijnig Shunyi MSW project · Beinjig Asuwei MSW landfill plant · Shenyang laohuchong waste incineration project · Beijing gaoan landfill leachate project · Azerbaijan waste treatment project · Beijnig Anding landfill project · Zhangjianggang waste incineration project · Guangmin Mingxi waste landfill living waste treatment project · Shijiazhuang waste incineration leachate project · Zhuhai Xikengwei waste landfill treatment project · Chongqi Peilinganshou living waste incineration power generation project leachate treatment project · Meizhou Environmental energy(living waste Incineration) Power generation project leachate treatment project · Midong solid waste integrated treatment project · Chuangguan Environmental protection(Langfang) Ltd. leachate Phase II Extension Project · Bank loans Anhui huainan Coal mining subsidence region Integrate treatment project · Duyun living waste incineration power generation projects

    Such as the construction of the Shanghai Environmental Protection Shanghai Jiangqiao waste incineration plant project, Environtec provide double membrane gas holder and continuous burning flare for burning a large amount of biogas produced by the leachate anaerobic treatment

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