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    ENVIRONTEC MHD 800 is a combined gas dome installed on top of digester. It has replaced the traditional design of separate tanks for water sealing, vacuum protection, biogas room , inspection window and son on. The customer now only need to install one MHD 800 for above functions and reserve only one opening on the concrete base or one flange from the steel tank digester.


    MHD contains of inspection window, biogas room, safety valves and many other features:
    The inspection window with wiper and water rinsing enables the operator to look inside the digester. One explosion-proof lamp is installed on top.
    Biogas room with anti-foaming function, connection to gas outlet pipe through the flange. High-pressure water can be injector if foam is detected.
    Overpressure valve and vacuum protection valve are installed: when the pressure reaches the set pressure, the safety valve opens automatically to discharge excessive pressure.
    Additionally, MHD has designed a pressure transmitter and also a radar level sensor alternatively. The pressure signal and liquid level signal can be ttransferred as 4-20mA signal to the upper level control station.


    Overpressure protection:30- 60mbar
    Negative voltage protection:-5mbar
    Biogas pipeline flange:DN 50-150
    Body material:AISI 316Ti

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