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    ENVIRONTEC FF Fine Filter is used for fine filtration of biogas, and is normally installed in front of biogas user equipment (such as biogas boiler or biogas generator).


    Ceramic fine filter consists of a main body of stainless steel, ceramic candles, candle fixing disks, biogas flanges, condensate traps, pressure gauges and so on.

    Environtec uses PANTEL filter manufacturer in German workshop. The filter has high temperature resistance and chemical corrosion resistance. By observation of the gas pressure changes between gas inlet and outlet, the operator can determine whether to clean or replace the ceramic candles.

    The main chemical components of the ceramic filter are as follows:

    Various filtering accuracy can be chosen i.e. 15um, 3um, 8um, 0.9um or 0.3um. To make a informed decision, the biogas user requirement, dust precision, pressure loss, and the frequency of candle replacement have to be taken into consideration.

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