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    Gravel Filter
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    Gravel Filter

    ENVIRONTEC GF Gravel Filter is used for separating solid particles and collecting condensate water from biogas, and additionally used as a safety device against back flame. It is always installed in the front of biogas immediately after the digester.


    Gravel filter is designed with gas tight two-chamber structure, consisting of a cylindrical container with two gas connecting flanges and a drainage device to remove condensate water. The gravel filter consists of a sleeve for water refill, a flushing device, two pressure gauges, a gravel removal opening for maintenance purposes, and alternatively one sleeve for water shortage probe.

    The pressure gauge are installed to observe the variation of pressure difference. Normally the gravel filter should be flushed and cleaned when the differential pressure has reached 3~5mbar.

    Material: AISI 316 or AISI 304

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