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newsletter 2017-11


Company News

Anhui Merlot Pharmaceutical Chemical Co., Ltd. wastewater treatment project installation had been completed.

Zhejiang Green World Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. wastewater treatment project had been completed.

Biogas News

Environment Policy

Policy|SASAC issued a notice to control the central enterprises PPP business

Recently, SASAC issued a notice on strengthening risk management and control the central enterprises PPP business. The notice is to strengthen group control , strict access condition, strick control of the scale,  optimize cooperation arrangements, standardize accounting ,  strengthen the responsiblity to prevent central enterprises from participating in the operation risk of PPP.  Notice required that all central enterprises should be controled of PPP business, strictly set the upper limit of PPP business to prevent excessive push up the high level. 


Yunnan Water won the bid for food waste in Yizhou District, Hami City

Xinjiang information network recently issured Yizhou District, Hami City, kitchen waste recycling and harmless treatment project franchise bid results were issured that Yunnan Water Investment Co., Ltd. as the projects first candidate. The construction site of the project is located in the southern industrial park of Yizhou District in Hami City, estimated investment 85 million yuan (tentative estimate)


Food waste treatment market in China , whichDevelopmentstatus andprospectanalysis.

According to the definition of Technical specification for food waste treatment, food waste include kitchen waste. Kitchen waste generally refers to the restaurant, restaurants, canteens and other units of food leftovers, as well as the kitchen after the fruits and vegetables, meat, grease, pasta and other processing waste. Food waste generally refer to leftovers, melon peel and other perishable organic waste, mainly solid waste.


Total investment of 4.1772 trillion yuan Taiyuan start sewage treatment sludge disposal integration project

The sewage treatment and sludge disposal integration construction, sewage treatment 2000 cubic meters, daily disposal of sludge 500 tons, The treated sludge will become agricultural fertilizer, and incineration power generation materials. Recently learned from the Municipal Sanitation Bureau,Located in Liuqing Township, Qingxu County, Southeast Village, Taiyuan circular economy sanitation industry demonstration base,it Will be completed next year to run sludge disposal and sewage treatment projects. At that time, our city will effectively solve the sludge disposal problems and completely eliminate the sludge pollution.


Municipal waste

4 billion dollars!CCCC won the bid for the first waste incineration project in Hong Kong

Reporters learned from China Construction,China Harbor Company belongs to the China Construction, on the 22nd, the Hong Kong Comprehensive won the Phase I project was won the waste treatment facilities. The contract value of about 40 billion dollars, duration 80 months, the operating period of 15 years. The project is the first environmental project for waste incineration in Hong Kong and will be a major benchmark for the construction of the "One Belt, One Road".


Vice director Zhang Linwei elaborated on the latest speech: After the Nineteenth environmental protection industry is still a long way to go

Recently, Zhang Linwei, deputy director general of department of urban construction, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural affairs, addressing the Annual Meeting of China Association of Urban Environmental HygieneCombined with the spirit of the 19th National Environmental Health Work in Chinas current situation, focus and planning were analyzed.


Suez and Solvay join forces to enterinto first industrial wastewater treatment contract settledatWanhua Chemical

Suez and Solvay Wins Commercial Contract for Reverse Osmosis Depth Treatment Project of Wanhua Chemical Yantai Industrial area. This contract marks the first step Suez and Solvay have taken to develop and promote Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) in China. The cooperation between both parties is to meet Chinas increasingly stringent environmental standards。


Utilization of livestock and poultry manure to promote the use of county-specific project to be publicized the proposed reserve

In accordance with the "General Office of the State Development and Reform Commission Ministry of Agriculture Office of the county to promote the use of livestock and poultry waste resource utilization notice, We entrust the assessment agencies to organize experts to conduct defense review of the special campaign to promote the utilization of livestock manure in all provinces (cities, districts and commissions) in 2018. In accordance with the "Ministry of Agriculture Construction Project Information Disclosure (Trial)" "agricultural construction project management workflow" requirements,Now the project will be issued that publicity period of 5 working days. If there is any objection to the publicity project counties, please report to the publicity units by November 28th.



BBS China International Summit Forum on biomass energy and utilization in 2018

Meeting Time:         19th -20th April, 2018

Meeting Place:         Shanghai ,China

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