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newsletter 2017-12


Company News

Xuzhou City foodwaste treatment plant projecthad been completed

Karamay City, Xinjiangfood waste treatment plant projecthad been completed

Environment Policy

Policy | "Jiangsu Province, livestock and poultry waste utilization of resourcesproject"

Recently, Jiangsu Province Department of Environmental Protection issued "Notice of the General Office of the Provincial Government on Printing and Distributing the Utilization Program of Utilization of Livestock and Poultry Wastes in Jiangsu Province,and publised "Jiangsu Province, livestock and poultry wastes utilization of the project to increase the utilization of livestock and poultry wastes and promote the sustainable development of animal husbandry. 

Biogas News


1,000 tons / day, Enlighten the Sander group signed with thePurac company "Kunming Jinning District, anaerobic EPC treatment of biomass resources project"

After several times of technical and business negotiations, Enlighten the Sander group and Purac in Kunming recently, "Jinning District, biomass anaerobic treatment of biomass EPC project" reached a final cooperation agreement. This is the third cooperation after SichuanKaixian and Shanxi Xianyang food waste project.

Four provinces and one city strengthen the "illegal cooking oil " management approach

Shanghai Municipality strengthens the management of "illegal cooking oil" from six aspects;

Hainan Province builds "blacklist" system to strengthen " illegal cooking oil governance;

Five measures in Zhejiang Province to strengthen the "illegal cooking oil" governance;

Six measures in Anhui Province to strengthen the "waste oil" governance;;

Hebei province published 18 specific measures to control "illegal cooking oil"”。


Luen Thai Environmental Protection: The consortium won the bid 6.8 billion sewage pipe network and sewage treatment PPP project

Luen Thai Environmental announced on Dec.25th, Guangdong Provincial Government Procurement Network iuused the "Chenghai District sewage pipe network and sewage treatment facilities construction PPP project bid announcement, confirmed with the same controlling shareholder of Guangdong Luen Thai Group Co., Ltd. under the control of City of Ho City Construction Co., Ltd. , Wuhan Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. formed a consortium won the "Chenghai District sewage pipe network and sewage treatment facilities construction PPP project, And signed a PPP project contract and franchise agreement with Shantou Chenghai Environmental Protection Bureau。

Municipal waste

A total investment of 977 million yuan Everbright International signed threewaste power projects

On December20th in 2017 Hong Kong - China Everbright International Limited ("Everbright International" or the "Group") is pleased to announced the company has recently won three garbage power projects which is included the Tunchang Waste Heat Power Generation Project in Hainan Province ("Tunchang Project"), the Miluo Waste Power Generation Project in Hunan Province ("Miluo Project") and the Fuping Garbage Power Project in Shaanxi Province ("Fuping Project"), involving a total investment of about 977 million yuan.


Kunshan emergency notice 270 companies discontinued in order to ensure water quality meet requirements

At the end of 2017, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, issued a state in order to ensure that the water quality of the river sections of the countrys rivers meets the annual assessment requirements. Kunshan emergency notice 270 companies discontinued in order to ensure water quality meet requirements.

On December 25th in the afternoon, , a member from Kunshan Development Zone, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province confiirm the news to Surging news . Notice has been issued and theu are urging enterprises to stop production 

This is the list of 270 companies.


SouthDistrictblowing green storm, Pigs move to northeast

"South pigs move north", the most direct reason is the tightening of environmental policies in the South. Including Tianzhu pig industry, including large-scale pig enterprises, have begun to "move north south pig." At least eight listed pig companies announced the plan。

In 2017, Central Document No. 1 proposed to guide the transfer of pig production capacity to 4 provinces (northeast China, Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang and Inner Mongolia),Because the four northeastern provinces are the main producing large areas of corn. More importantly, through the use of manure, the future can be a perfect combination of farming and planting.


BBS China International Summit Forum on biomass energy and utilization in 2018

Meeting Time:         19th -20th April, 2018

Meeting Place:         Shanghai ,China

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