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newsletter 2018-01


Company News

Zhangzhou City, Fujian Jiulongling integrated garbage treatment plant food waste disposal project has been sucessful completed .

Jiangsu Haitou (Huaian) biological gas project is completed

the total planned investment of 1.03 billion yuan, it covers an area of 260 acres. The first phase of investment is 120 million yuan, it covers an area of 79.2 acres. Main equipmens are 2800 cubic fermentor, purification and purification device, solid-liquid separation device, biogas waste and utilization facilities, straw storage and configuration, integrated office building and so on.

Environment Policy

Policy analyzingBiogas projects and organic fertilizer subsidies

In recent years, National Development and Reform Commission, together with the Ministry of Agriculturetotal arrangement of the central budget to invest 600 billion yuanfocus on supporting the standardization of scale farms, rural biogas construction.Until 2017, more than 70,000 farms have been transformed, more than 100,000 small and middle  biogas projects, over 6,700 large and extra large biogas projects had been installed by centralized investment which is effectively leaded local and enterprise funds.It is also effectively improve the scale of farm sewage treatment capacity and utilization of resources.     more

Biogas News


Zhangzhou food waste treatment plant is expected to put into operation around March of this year

From this year, the food waste in Zhangzhou will have its own treatment plant. the food waste treatment plant is located in Zhangzhou Hi-tech Zone, it is finally reused after a series of scientific treatment. The plant is planned to be formally put into operation around March 2018.  more


One phase of investment is 340 million yuan! Changzhou sludge incineration Center went into operation

On December 29, 2017, the "263" major project of Jiangsu Province - the first phase of Changzhou municipal sludge incineration center started construction in the Binjiang chemical industry park in Xinbei District. The project marks the escalation of the Changzhou sludge incineration model increase to 2.0 in order to solve the problem of sludge disposal in Changzhou and realize the goal of "reducing, harmless, stabilizing and resourceful" in Changzhou.

Municipal waste

A total investment of 2 billion 100 million, Chinese Tianying Vietnam  won the 4000 tons of garbage incineration project investment license once again

It is reported that in January 4th, Chinese Tianying Limited company (hereinafter referred to as the "Chinese Tianying" or the "company") announced that subsidiary company of  Europe TianyingBVBA recently received the investment license issued by the Hanoi planning and investment department of the peoples Committee of Hanoi City, Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Europe Tianying, Shuo Shan renewable energy Limited by Share Ltd, Perfect Wave HoldingsLimited,Jointly obtain the investment license of the Shuo Shan waste disposal power plant in Hanoi, Vietnam. The total investment of the project is about 2 billion 72 million yuan, and the operation time of the project is 49 years.   more

287 yuan / tonCEHL won the tender of Yanqing waste comprehensive treatment project

On January 8, 2018, Chinese solid waste network learned from the government procurement network Yanqing District small Zhangjiakou garbage comprehensive treatment project issued CEHL won the tender , the initial allowance pirce for garbage disposal is 287 yuan. more


Industrial wastewater treatment is expected to be more "black technology"

Industrial wastewater is always the most difficult in water treatment because of its complex composition and changeable nature. In recent years, with the high attention and relevant policies have been concentrated announced.The discharge of industrial waste water in China has been reduced, but it still needs to be upgraded from technology. Industrial wastewater treatment, looking forward to appearing more "CEHL, the worlds leading" black technology. With the development of modern industry, the composition of industrial waste water is becoming more and more complex, and the harm to the environment is becoming more and more obvious.  more


China pushes the structure of new biomass energy

Under the background of coal to gas and coal to electricity, China pushes the structure of new biomass energyChinas energy structure is faced with a new set. coal to biomass Will walk into the lives of the people will walk into the lives of the people. 

On January 20th, China biomass biomass fuel and Heating League Committee established , More than 80 people from the state departments and the leaders and experts of the China biomass energy industry alliance launched the "accelerate the development of biomass energy clean and heat supply" initiative, The route map of the biomass heating in the country is discussed in order to prepare the biomass energy development target which is made by the national development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Bureau. more

BBS China International Summit Forum on biomass energy and utilization in 2018

Meeting Time:         19th -20th April, 2018

Meeting Place:         Shanghai ,China

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