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newsletter 2018-06


 Company News

1.Environtec gas holder makes the acceptance of incineration power plant of house hold garbage in Kaixian city, Chongqing.

2.Environtec gas flare burn finished the commissioning of wastewater treatment of STRONG in Nanjing.

 Chinese Environment Policy

The State Council declares that China will Comprehensively strengthen the protection of ecological environment and generally improve the environment quality before 2020.


 On 16th of June, the State Council issues the suggestion of Comprehensively strengthening the protection of ecological environment and insisting of Prevention and control of pollution. The new goal is to improve the environment generally until 2020. More


The whole county advance work Program of the usage of Animal manure contamination recycling

     ( From Year 2018 to 2020 )

From 2018, National Development and Reform Commission will optimize the central investment and mainly support the infrastructure construction of the usage of Animal manure contamination recycling. More

 Biogas News

Food Waste

Recycling usage of food waste in Yangzhou city pilot project 

Recently,the recycling usage and bio-safety disposal of food waste in Yangzhou has received the recognition and win the final acceptance. In 2015, Yangzhou was chosen as the pilot city of the recycling usage and bio-safety disposal of food waste.Until now,Yangzhou can dispose about 100 ton of food and oil waste. And they make the waste to be biogas ,biodiesel ,etc. More


Municipal Sewage Sludge


175 projects! Prevention and control of water pollution plan in Shanxi Province in 2018.  

Shanxi municipal government will set up the concentrated drinking water which need to make 92% of Fu proportion.All cities in the Fenhe River Basin have completely eliminated black and odorous water, and the proportion of black and odorous water in the built-up areas of the remaining urban areas need to reach 80%. More



Industrial Waste Water


Fishing in industrial waste water

Pingangang company began feeding fish in industrial waste water. There are a waster water recycling pool with 10 meter length and 2 meter width. Now the pool has been the fish pond which now is a scenic pot in their factory. More


Agriculture and Biomass Energy


Biogas from Manure

In the traditional farming practices in China, livestock and poultry manure has been widely used as farmyard manure. With the rapid development of China's large-scale poultry breeding industry, problems such as the discharge of fecal pollution have become more and more prominent, and agricultural pollution has increased. According to estimates, the annual production of livestock and poultry manure is about 3.8 billion tons. Then biogas usage has became the most concern.More

 Exhibition and Seminar Info

The fifth landfill leachate treatment BBS

Meeting Time:12th-24th,Sep.2018.

Add:Wuhan, China.

Meeting link:More



Municipal Garbage


Invest 980 million! Guangzhou Huantou Group United Guangda International won the garbage power project in Zhaoqing, Guangdong.

The project has 30 years of continuous operation, and covers an area of 214,438 square meters, equivalent to 30 standard football field size.More


Shanxi Datong “13th Five-Year Plan” waste incineration plan: the city will reach 2,500 tons / day. More


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