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newsletter 2018-08


Company News

Gas holder DMG 1500 just finished its commission which served for the 100 tons Urban solid waste treatment in Guangning,Zhaoqing, China. 


Gas Flare FAII100 and Dry Desulfuration DT200 in Livestock Biogas Treatment of Changqing, Zhaoqing City


Chinese Environment Policy 

Shanghai issued Shanghai sewage treatment system and sludge treatment and disposal plan (2017-2035)Urban sewage sludge treatment facilities are the lifeline for ensuring urban operation and improving the living environment. Recently, our government issued the Water pollution prevention and control plan for the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River 2011-2015)》 Water pollution prevention action planNational issue2015No.17,etc. These documents put forward higher requirements for sewage sludge treatment. More


The State Council issued a three-year action plan : promoting ecological poverty alleviation

The State Council issued the "Guiding Opinions on Winning the Three Years of Fighting Against Poverty" The opinions put forward the need to strengthen ecological poverty alleviation, innovate ecological poverty alleviation mechanisms, increase the ecological protection and restoration of poverty-stricken areas, and achieve ecological improvement and poverty alleviation. and by 2020, we will recruit 400,000 new environmental guardians and grass controllers among the poor working population.More

Biogas News

Municipal Sewage Sludge

Turning food waste into Biogas generation

Recently, the municipal environmental sanitation group “key technology and industrialization project for the collection and processing of kitchen wastes and resources” was awarded the first prize of Chongqing Science and Technology Progress.This project has turned food waste into biogas generation and get near 100 million income.



The first kitchen waste disposal project in Suzhou Industrial Park was completed and put into operation in the next half of the year.

This project is one of the key projects of Suzhou's ecological civilization construction and Suzhou Environmental Protection Park.

The project started in April 2018 and is expected to be trial production in November this year. More


Municipal Sewage Sludge

Shenzhen Environmental Protection won the bid of 470 million PPP projects.More


Municipal Waste

Everbright International Acquires Jiujiang Waste-to-energy Project in Jiangxi

Everbright Group (Hong Kong stock code: 00257) announced that the Group recently invested in the construction of Jiangxi Jiujiang Waste-to-energy Project through acquisition in 21th of Aug.. This is the second M&A project of Everbright International after the Zhaoqing Waste-to-energy Project in Guangdong.

The investment amount of Jiujiang Project (including the acquisition amount) was approximately RMB 1.27 billion. The project has a franchise period of 30 years and is designed to handle 2,250 tons of domestic waste. It is expected to provide about 232 million kWh of green electricity per year. Flue gas emissions fully implement EU 2010 standards.More



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